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8.30 pm | Exhibition Opening
9.00 pm | Live Music by Ian O’Sullivan (Moongooz and the Magnet)


Here follows the back story and introduction to this event by Billy himself:
Whilst on location, my painting and photography have always been a means of on site, creative antidote to the ‘Art By Committee’ ethos that film sets promote. Yet on this ABC production of a television series pilot called GUILT, being shot here in Budapest, I found a unique variation on the theme – one formed by a certain necessity and calling.  

This television production, in need of some original works for set decoration, engaged me to produce an eclectic collection of paintings and print selections from my photographic archive. The objective was to create a series of works that appeared to be a private collection sourced from different artists, yet sharing a complimentary aesthetic. And all within four days… ah, Hollywood! Fortunately, I like a pressing deadline when creating as it drives improvisation to a fever pitch and instills a Darwinian atmosphere from material collection to brutish application. It’s how I like to temper my quest for beauty, with just a little chaos.

During the filming of the pilot, as both Brody House and Brody Studios were used as principal locations in the pilot, I met Brody House Group co-founder Peter Grundberg. Once Peter explained to me the design principals and mission statement of Brody – enabling artistic collaboration across multiple mediums and featuring a salon-like atmosphere from which to further the advancement of art and culture – I was sold!

As I had the pleasure of spending more time with him we discovered our like-minded creative sensibilities, serial entrepreneurship and philanthropic bent ran closer than expected. Witnessing the humanitarian refugee crisis unfolding only blocks away, as the local train stations flood with families escaping the horrors of war from Syria and beyond, it was only moments before we agreed to do a show of the works created here in Budapest and dedicate all art sale proceeds toward refugee aid. It was then that he told me of the parable of the ‘Stone Soup’, a Hungarian folktale about the power of collective collaboration producing something useful for the whole from individual contributions of ingredients.

I jumped at the title. It was too logical, glaringly organic and unavoidable. We felt and believed, that beyond the basic needs such as food, medicine and shelter being met, artistic expression is also a basic need and critical to healing. Our feelings were shared. Along with other local artists, we immediately delivered art supplies to one of the train stations along with food and hygiene products. And what better ingredient could a Stone Soup ask for than the Hungarian Red Cross now officially collaborating in this event and ongoing efforts.

For 3 months now the Hungarian Red Cross volunteers are working 24/7 in the Röszke pre-registration facility to improve the well-being of 72,000 people. They are mainly focusing on providing first aid, hygienic, sanitary and psycho-social support to women and children. Money raised from our event and ongoing efforts will be put to work in transit points, primarily focusing on children, and offering art therapy orientated psycho-social support. 
Kindly visit this site to contribute now: https://www.ammado.com/community/159084/donate 
Acting locally, I still cannot ignore the global scope of this crisis and the impact it’s having on all of Europe and the Balkans in particular, including my people’s homeland of Greece. I am in talks with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) about an expanded effort and look forward to that collaboration as well. Of course, this just happens to be where I am and is what I can do with a group of fantastic people in a short amount of time. What has become more and more evident is that creative solutions, no matter the size, are manageable. So if you are in Hungary this Saturday bring your ingredients to the STONE SOUP and leave with a piece of art that will remind you of your contribution and perhaps inspire your own action. If you are not able to attend, please visit the site, contribute, and take a seat at the table anyway. Leave with the recipe for success, turn the heat up and start cooking.”

Warmly and with gratitude, Billy Zane